In Solitude

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In Solitude

Majestic trees,
Bowing to one another,
Capturing the moment
To bless the day;
Leading into Infinity,
A path, illuminated with grace
Waiting there is Spirit;
Deep solitude
Sings a welcome,
Grounded to Mother Earth
Recharged to the core
Colors speak to me;
Spectrum of orange, gold,
Life pulsing,
A white light,
Life Within
With hues of gold;
In the far distance,
A Being of Light,
Watching me;
I am the witness,
Walking forward
Into her embrace;
I have arrived
Realm of inner vision!
Doubt looks behind me,
Do I enter the Light?
Observe from afar?
At this threshold
I do have choices
Hélène ©willowpoetry



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