A little bit of fiction….just as I imagined it using the words for this prompt:
Wordle 349


Sunday Whirl prompt : kiss-scream-sticky-spill-lift-curl-laugh-spin-plant-hit-pass-screen


Every Sunday evening the whole family curled up in front of the fire while granddaddy told us about his childhood on the farm.
“I was a bit mischievous at times. I would pass behind my sister, pinching her behind just to make her scream.
“Kids didn’t use sunscreen then. There was no such thing and nobody thought about being out in the great outdoors hours on end in the sun. That’s just the way it was back then. You would come back inside all sweaty and sticky and Mom would tell us to wash our hands for dinner.
“Mom would always let me drink the cream at the top of the milk bottle. Every morning she would pass the bottle on to me before anyone noticed. Oh! that cream was so good.
“Anyway, when I grew up, I was about 10 by then, Sally and her family moved next pasture down the hill. I spent a lot of time with Sally for a few years.
“Quite a few times I lifted Sally up on my favorite horse. I would sit behind her while we had a bit of a spin around the coral.
“Sometimes I would kiss her on the cheek and she would giggle and laugh. I loved that and I think she did too. One day my sister caught me stealing a kiss like that and she spilled the beans on me. Mom didn’t say anything to me. The next morning she passed me the milk bottle with a big smile.
“Well, anyway, we also planted stuff like sunflowers and collected the seeds at the end of the season. Sometimes we didn’t hit it off good with the planting though, not enough rain or too much rain.

Hélène ©willowpoetry

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