How do I breathe


Morning Reflection:   How do I Breathe

Living a conscious life never demands that I know what the flow will bring. Following the nudges and fulfilling the request is what makes me conscious and aware of every waking moment of the day.

My sleeping state is also characterized accordingly. I do not need to think about sleeping when I am actually sleeping. Sleeping is all I do and it is taken care of.

Health refreshes me during my restful state. The outcome is then the act of rejuvenating my cellular consciousness.

While the breath is happening, life is vibrant. The breath serves as my guide. The breath nourishes each and every cell of my earthly being as well as my body residing in the domain of the Universal Consciousness. When I think that I am living, yet I do not pay attention to the life given breath, my life is not consciously lived. It is a reminder to me that the breath is truly and always my guide.

What is life without breath.  Hélène©willowpoetry




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