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Secret Affair

For: The Sunday Whirl (frozen, rope, saint, rasping, hazy, folded, gusts, holy, home, poverty, crazy

The old Monastery lies at the bottom of a ravine.  Cloistered monks living within these crumbling stone walls have all renounced worldly life and taken a vow of poverty. During the winter months, gusts of cold air travel through the frozen corridors.   This is their Holy Home.

Brother Saint Francis has a room next to Brother Timothy. Whenever Francis sits quietly in his room he keeps hearing strange rasping noises.  He questions Timothy about it but Timothy says he has never heard anything.

As soon as Francis returned to his own room, Timothy reaches for the secret opening he carved in the floor under his bed. Moving his simple cot to the back wall, a hazy cloud of dust spreads throughout the room.

Within this small opening Timothy gazes into the eyes of a big fat rabbit.  With a rope tied around one of its little legs, a folded hand towel for a pillow, the rabbit lies quietly inside an earth bottom box.

“You crazy little rabbit, you must keep quiet”!

Timothy says to the rabbit.

Hélène Vaillant©