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Broken Wing



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Broken Wing

There she be
high up on the grave
perched on the stone
Wings mangled like a toothless comb.

Sorrow in her wings
Dark shadows under her skin
How can she come down
If not for tormented kin.

She has tasted the wine
Left brothers, sisters to wine
They are but distorted shapes in the mist
Can she help to transform hope into bliss.

She must slide down
In effort to catch the last hand
If only to release it once again
Into the Mystical Purge.

Viewing the scene below
The question is “What can she sow”
So as to enable the just
And the strong to mellow.

Healing breath into her wings
She drops the heavy boots
Standing tall on the rock
Glancing once more below.

Extending renewed found wings,
She slips from the face of what has been
Entering within new found freedom
She encounters all of her Sacred Kin.

Hélène Vaillant©


Merci Mon Dieu (Prayer)


Due to life circumstances I had closed my poetry site since I was unable to write or post regularly.
Today I am re-opening with a prayer of gratitude.
Welcome back to all my viewers and inspiring poet friends with whom I share this poetic journey.

Merci Mon Dieu  (Thank You My God)

Thank you to the great Magician, Omnipresent, Overseer, Creator of this Universe.
Your gift of Magnificent Presence is ever alive in my heart and soul.
Your protection rendered to me is grandeur
Than any words, verbal meaning I could ever express with satisfaction.
In your care there is safety, blessings noticed,
Though at times, I am guilty of missing your subtle nudges.
This blessing in particular could not go unnoticed,
You made me feel it, shown me your care, taken me as a precious gem
Rendering to me comfort through it all.
Through this pain, I am stronger, having trust and faith
That all is as it is and should be.
My acceptance has developed another level of comprehension.


Hélène Vaillant©