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In the Moment


How would we do it
all over again?

Thank you for
little boys and little girls.

My seven year old grandson has given me this gift,
to be a seven year old little girl whenever we are together at play.
What delight to play with such rapture
with the whole world there in front of me
engaged in our play at hand.

What little boys, little girls teach about life….
To be one with what is
Always in the moment.
The world is out there
waiting for my action
to participate, to mingle
with what next calls to me.
This call is my task of the moment
I am one within the moment
the moment is all that there is,
nothing but this moment.

Hélène Vaillant©




May Peace descend from Heaven touching all of humanity
May Peace reign in every heart
From all corners of this earth
East to West
From South to the North
Blessing Mother Earth and all who walk here
Anointing rejuvenating water on us all
That we may live in harmony with our God Living Earth
In Oneness with God’s given people
In Faith and Trust that we all make a difference
Establishing our Dominion over lower forces
That they be banished from all hearts

Hélène Vaillant©

Spirit Knows Me


I am Infinite and Everlasting
I am nothing
I am everything
I am nobody
I am all that I can be
I am you
I am me
I am all that there is
And ever will be.

I am a mere speck of dust
At the same time
I am the Whole
I belong to the Whole
I am a part of the One
I am all that the One is
That the One can be.

My spirit knows that I am
My body searches for what I am
My mind questions what I am
My spirit knows that I am
What more could I be
Then the I Am?

There is no greater knowing
Blessings unto the Beings of Wisdom
For they know and always will
Blessed are the Beings who belong
To this body of I AM.

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems