20 thoughts on “Haiku – Namaste

      • You know what, Helene? It’s not that the rules change, but we internalize the essence of them. When we do, we free ourselves in a particular way. We can compose haiku, etc…with a certain authority…knowing that we once learned these rules and didn’t think that they didn’t apply to us. That, especially with haiku, is the problem I see today with haiku writers..many of them. It’s not a stream of consciousness that some would believe…it has a particular order and purpose. It took me 10 years to understand tanka…it takes longer in a way for haiku. at least for me. but all of these foreign aesthetics need to be studies. and seriously. Unfortunately, people see haiku with 17 syllables. and think this has no order. Hah! I think after years of study….it becomes a mind set. You internalize these rules and you begin to understand their purpose.

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  1. I read at your link, thank you for posting this above. We also have sponsored children, from India, girls and a boy. It is sad when we need to say goodbye when they reach the age limit. It does make us proud of them though when we see them going on to a career or other venture that we were able to help them with financially.
    How wonderful of you to have done so much for children. Enjoy your family and be well.

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