The Seamstress

Sunday Whirl 

Prompt words:  water –  become – shrill – sense –  stitch – peak –  wake – singe – circle – draw – blue – ribbon

The Seamstress

Early one morning dawn, a shrill cry peaked my senses. Looking out from my bedroom window I  was surprised to spot the next door neighbours out by the shore. With  a stick in his hands, their son was drawing a big circle around a particular spot in the water.

This peaked my curiosity. Gathering my bathrobe I walked over to their side of the beach.  A body could be seen just beneath the surface where the water had become clearer.  I gasped when I saw little blue ribbons around the neck of this body.

I knew this had to be the charming seamstress who lived behind my own cottage. She had just finished sewing a shirt for me using this most elaborate and elegant stitched design with this same shade of blue ribbon.  A shiver went through me on seeing those blue ribbons.

This lovely seamstress is (was) a member of a large Irish family known for their great wake gatherings.   No doubt that all of this will be bringing some excitement to our quiet corner of the lake.

Hélène Vaillant©


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