Specific, is a word that I don’t identify with unless it is extremely practical to do so.
Like dispensing medication or other life matters that require a standard action or involvement.

Other than that, my life is more like a flow. I go with the punches but do know how to avoid them too.
I don’t do anything by the book, neither to I live according to a specific lifestyle.

I don’t follow recipes, I look at them and then do my own thing. (using some of the original recipe at times)
I don’t paint realistically, I go with what my heart says and just watch what comes up on the watercolor paper.
Amazing results sometimes. Other times I don’t like it but I cannot adhere to specifications or rules or whatnot.

I am not rebellious, well maybe just a little. I am not hard to get along with if you let me be who I am as I am.

Specific.  I am getting on in age so perhaps I owe myself a bit of “straying off the beaten path”.

Hélène Vaillant©



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