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Path of Wisdom


orangePath of Wisdom

Leading me to all
That can be seen
Further and beyond
What my physical eyes
Could ever imagine

Walking this path
Brings me comfort
A feeling of protection
Of being seen,
Taken care of,
Guided and directed to
Greater heights of this life

Without the inner vision
To see in the distance
A magical energy force
Carries me
Walking effortlessly,
Hovering slightly above
The stepping stones

It is the morn of a new dawn
Fresh dew
Surrounding my core
Cleansing each and
Every cell
Of my existence
I awake breathing new life

Hélène Vaillant©

Today My Heart


Today My Heart

Never would I have known
The mist within my Soul
Without fear of the unknown
That carried me to distant shores;
Once I followed the flow
There was no more letting go
The movement captivated my heart
It led me closer to the start;
Today there is a glow
Adhering to all I know
What was foreign yesterday
Has become familiar on this day.

Hélène Vaillant©

Daring Escape


ThreeLineTales: Prompt – picture above 

Daring Escape

She loved to dive into deep water, no matter where she was, the thrill of any possible danger made it a welcome challenge for her.

Taking off her shoes she slipped out of her shorts , dove straight into the dark water and crushed her head on a rock where she remained.

What did she need to prove to herself with this daring escape would never be heard by anyone.

Hélène Vaillant©

On God’s Doorstep


Hélène Vaillant©

On my knees, at the threshold of God

I live with abundance in my Soul,
With never-ending exclamation
Adorning attributes to his Holy Name.
At the sight of Thee, I am small and humble,
Recognizing my stature,
A see my pittance in Your Illumination.

Whist I am dormant to the clamour of your voice,
My Spirit celebrates the whispers of your Name.
In this window of opportunity the blessings are felt.
You bless me with your  living waters,
Cleansing the doorway where I have entered,
You cleanse my impure thoughts, actions and deeds.

With willingness to join in the spirit of caring
I commit my own little speck of doing.
Connecting with all hearts
You lead us to your understanding.
At the corner of this time
I turn to the brighter Sun, Moon and Stars.
They guide and keep me.

The path is clear, at times narrow
Should I stumble, lose my ability to walk
Or, the thought of losing sight
I keep focus on the one Bright Star.
This Star shows me the vast Horizon where I grow.


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