Sandbox Writing Challenge #69


Sandbox Writing Challenge #69 — What I want to be when I grow up – again!

If you were to be reborn again,
what would you like to be reborn as?


Today I am in a material mood of comfort and protection.
Which brings me to wanting to be reborn as a woman, most definitely, with all the comforts of a lavish home with servants and, at the same time, utmost privacy.

I am not usually in this kind of mood. Today I ache, feel tired and older in my years. My body has taken over my senses to its threshold of emotions, feelings and seeing the physical as keeping me captive to venturing further within myself.

It used to be that I was a very spiritual being, nonchalant to the physical comforts around me. Could be that I was taking too much for granted. I do have all I need today and always have had it. So why would I be looking for more, as if this now is not enough.

Hopefully I will find myself once again in time. Right now I seem to be lost in a dark forest as I wander aimlessly around in a circle.

Come to think of it, I would prefer to be reborn as me again, with all that I have learned thus far in my life. Especially that these 73 years of experience has taught me well. These lessons learned would be a great asset to my re-born life.
Can I be reborn with all this knowledge and wisdom right off the bat????


Hélène/Mother Willow ©



11 thoughts on “Sandbox Writing Challenge #69

  1. Youth is wasted on the young, they say! I hope you find yourself again. Perhaps it’s the time of year getting many people feeling a bit flat. My husband doesn’t feel like ‘doing’ Christmas this year because his mum isn’t well. Best wishes for the festive season.

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    • Thank you. I do wish you a great holiday season in the hope that your husband will feel a bit more jolly. I too did not have a festive inclination whatsoever this year. I pushed myself a bit since we do have family coming over. It does help to have a purpose.

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  2. Being reborn as myself… Hm… (I haven’t pondered on this yet!) Well it’s your fantasy prompt, young lady! 😀 You can be born however you want! It would be a shame to have to learn math all over again. But I bet I would pay closer attention in my history classes the second time around now that I’ve become obsessed with WWII. 😉

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