Haiku – Silence (18 to 24)

For :  Carpe Diem Haiku 

# 18

seven in a row
Ah! suckling kittens purring


warm verdant hills
below majestic mountain
welcoming whisper


dawn’s lavender sky
morn slowly awakening


willow tree branches
bow above murmuring stream
love birds listening


walking by the shore
gentle waves cover my feet
infinite calmness


dusk in the garden
quiet surrender enfold
cricket in background


fascinating scarlet blooms
a live silent birth


Hélène/Mother Willow ©


  • Oh, Jesu! These are so beautiful, Helene! It’s wrong to pick a favorite, but the one about kittens did it for me! I love, love, love, a row of kittens nursing. There is nothing so beautiful under the sun or moon to me. Years ago, 17 to be exact….a box of 7 kittens were left at my gate….only 5 weeks old…and they all lived to 14-16. I called them my 7 dwarfs….I loved those cats to distraction! The last, Maggie, died last year at 16.

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    • Oh my, seven kittens nursing was a memorable one for me too. Brought back my own mother instinct, long gone now, but felt while writing the haiku. Thank you for your wonderful comment. My son’s cat died at the age of 18. She was a house cat.

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  • The last one, about the amaryllis is haunting. That ‘a live silent birth’. Stunning.

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