13 thoughts on “Haiku – Silence (7)

  1. Your probably aware that this type of poetry is like a new venture for me, I have a lot to learn, however I am enjoying the journey. I am also enjoying your haikus too, teaching a lot thank for that and for dropping in on my blog your comments and likes are so much appreciated, thank you,



    • It is a real pleasure for me to read your haiku. They are all beautiful. I love the haiku with photos. This poetry form (haiku) is my favorite (for now anyway). I first attempted Haiku in August and fell in love with this type of poetry. We can learn from each other. Cheers!

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      • Thank you for your kind words, always nice to get a pat on the back. Re mine, with no photos, I will get round to amending them, the only reason it wasn’t done first time around was the deadline, ne’er to worry I will sort it. As for me and this format in all its types, addicted I am, started this November. Had help from a few but I found that there is a lot of controversy of how it should be approached. For me, well, and no matter what format I stick to the rules, as with Haiku’s and the 5, 7, 5, syllables per line count. I hasten to add that should any of my work re this type of poetry, then it will be an oversight not, definitely not done with intent. As is, I do, as I am sure all poets do, (you included) write from the heart. Take care, and again thank you for dropping by, your comments, and your likes, my gratitude will be surfing its way to you as soon as I hit send……..


  2. I seem to miss a lot of typos with my iPad. It does its own thing and I am unaware often times….haha.
    These days I am trying to write haiku without a photo, leaving the haiku to give the image on its own. I am finding it more difficult though.
    Let’s see what we both write next…


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