Enchanted Forest

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A Day in Autumn  (Enchanted Forest)

On this particular fall day, I went for a long walk that brought me to a part of the woods I had never discovered before.  It was like leaving one world and entering another in the space of a second.  The path I was walking on was familiar, one with tall grasses, trees and the earthy smell of nature. Then suddenly, I stepped into this magnificent other world, so it seemed.

All around me were the gigantic white pines, reaching out to the heavens! They were thick, fully shading the ground where I stood.  The atmosphere was one of total deep silence, a silence I had never felt this deep in nature before.  It was a enchanted moment, yet so real an experience.

The trees surrounding me felt like Ancient Mothers protectresses to the sacred ground.  Immense energy captured my senses.  I felt the need to sit and close my eyes.  Sitting still in this  beauty I was being drawn into a calm, peaceful moment.

All around me, Mother Pines stood still.  It was overwhelmingly moving and profound to just sit in this energy.  As evening came it was difficult to leave this enchanting carpet of white pine.

Through the next few years I walked this same path looking for the sacred ground but could never find it again.  The memory of it, the deep silence and reverence of this space, it has never left me.

The power of nature

it whispers softly

it is ever so powerful

that in one instant

you are One and

at Peace with the Mother.



Hélène/Mother Willow©



2 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest

  1. This is lovely, Helene. (Sorry I don’t know how to do the accents!) I have participated in NaNoWriMo and DigiWriMo but have never heard of NaBloPoMo. I guess I cannot do one post a day now but maybe next year! Thanks for turning me on to it.

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