Who Am I


Who am I really?

To discover this I do have to go deep inside myself,
beyond what is seen and even to the unseen.
Going even further than this,
beyond my physical, everyday things I identify with,
thinking this is who I am.

On this deeper level
I come to see
that I am.
Not a body,
not my face or my clothes.
Not my relationships, my likes,
dislikes or even my attachments.
I am not my name.

If I was to eliminate all these things,
there remains nothing to identify with.
Then, I do have to look much deeper still.

The whole concept of who I am has to be
of nature, that is far beyond,
removed from all my physical world that I live in.

This material and physical world do play a part with who I am.
It has some purpose in aiding me to see
that I am far more than anything I call my own.

When someone dies, nothing is carried with them to the other side,
not the physical body,
yet they live in the afterlife,
a potential that is beyond what I know,
see or even can imagine.

I have witnessed three people, close to me,
take their last breath on this earth.
It was a revelation to me
that we are much more than our body.

I have to say that I am a Soul Self,
not my body,
yet with a physical body,
not in mind,
yet with a conscious mind.
A mind that transcends the physical spheres
connecting me with the One Mind of all that is.

This for me is the essence of who I really am.
One little part of this One Consciousness.
I am in the image of this One,
invisible to the physical eye.

Trusting, to have faith
that life is
far more than my physical attributes,
a deep inner sense of awareness.

I cannot show anyone this,
explain it to help another.
It just is.

This is who I am.
Nothing, yet everything.
Beyond, everything,
that I have ever known.

I am.

Hélène V.©


9 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. One way to see just a little beyond is to think of the essence within our thoughts… they aren’t physical or solid, they sound like our own voice to us, but only as we perceive our thought voice to be… and there seems to be a very large space around them when you focus on them. I like this post, Hélène, you’ve got me thinking here! 😀

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  2. Your poem beautifully worded reminded me suddenly of words I learned in school as a child. We attended parochial school and even though we had Catechism daily one of the priests would come to our class every Wednesday and we were allowed to ask him any question we wanted to. I think we were in fourth or fifth grade. One of us, I can’t remember who, asked; ” If God made us, who made God”? A big ooooooooooo from the rest of us. Father thought for about ten seconds and with a big smile said: ” Always remember this. I am, he is”.
    Your words brought that day vividly to my thoughts. It also gave me goose bumps.
    Thank you. :o)

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  3. We all are pieces, and sometimes the puzzle fits to bring forth a memory.
    I think perhaps we have met before, if not, then we shall start new.

    JulesPaige or just as evolution occurs … Jules
    Thank you for your visits to my haiku contributions to Frank’s haikai.

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