Who Am I


Who am I really?

To discover this I do have to go deep inside myself,
beyond what is seen and even to the unseen.
Going even further than this,
beyond my physical, everyday things I identify with,
thinking this is who I am.

On this deeper level
I come to see
that I am.
Not a body,
not my face or my clothes.
Not my relationships, my likes,
dislikes or even my attachments.
I am not my name.

If I was to eliminate all these things,
there remains nothing to identify with.
Then, I do have to look much deeper still.

The whole concept of who I am has to be
of nature, that is far beyond,
removed from all my physical world that I live in.

This material and physical world do play a part with who I am.
It has some purpose in aiding me to see
that I am far more than anything I call my own.

When someone dies, nothing is carried with them to the other side,
not the physical body,
yet they live in the afterlife,
a potential that is beyond what I know,
see or even can imagine.

I have witnessed three people, close to me,
take their last breath on this earth.
It was a revelation to me
that we are much more than our body.

I have to say that I am a Soul Self,
not my body,
yet with a physical body,
not in mind,
yet with a conscious mind.
A mind that transcends the physical spheres
connecting me with the One Mind of all that is.

This for me is the essence of who I really am.
One little part of this One Consciousness.
I am in the image of this One,
invisible to the physical eye.

Trusting, to have faith
that life is
far more than my physical attributes,
a deep inner sense of awareness.

I cannot show anyone this,
explain it to help another.
It just is.

This is who I am.
Nothing, yet everything.
Beyond, everything,
that I have ever known.

I am.

Hélène V.©



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