House on the Hill

Sunday Whirl/ Prompts:  blue/ race/ red/ lock/ grab/ bless/ stump/ burn/ lose /vote/conceal/ stick


The house on a hill is
surrounded by stumps of fallen trees.

Fire came like a thief,
burning the adjacent forest to the ground.

Our house was once concealed from view,
from down in the valley,
you could not see it by day for the trees,
only with the evening lamps was it seen,
unfortunately, guiding the bears to our garbage.

Bears have dark brown fur which shine red
in the sunlight. They will grab anything that is loose
in the rotting garbage, food that is now blue with mold,
sticking with slime to the bin.

We have locks on the bin now.  God bless these gadgets
provided to our race of humans.

The town is now in the process of voting to relocate
the bears to wilder forest  since ours is still smoldering in areas
from the great fire.

Hélène/Mother Willow©



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