Trees in Autumn


Autumn prompts seem to be in vogue this past month. If I write one more prompt on Autumn I will scream.

Contradiction……I do not have a prompt to write about autumn today but I am doing it willingly, hehe.

Autumn is a lovely season. It deserves to be honored, cherished, praised and talked about while it is here. Today for instance it was incredibly warm here for this particular time of year.

Strolling along outside for a while I admired the trees especially. In autumn their silhouette can be fully appreciated. Amazing how much is hidden by the brimming branches of summer leaves.

Made me think of us, human beings, how we cover ourselves and do not let others see us as we are. At least not all the time but sometimes we do. There is so much to learn from our brothers and sisters the trees.

I don’t mean to go around naked, showing my silhouette to the world….But not to be afraid to show who I am, as I am, when the time is right. Letting go my control of pretending for the sake of looking good or being liked.  Since I discovered today that being stripped of coverings is beautiful and much appreciated for its essence.

teaching from the trees
life’s precious pearls
seeing beyond sight

Hélène/Mother Willow©


Comments appreciated

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