Autumn Day

Autumn Day –

Looking through the Window

One sunny day in November
I found myself staring out my window.

Autumn trees all aglow with gold,
orange, red and bronze hues;
floating leaves adrift in the swimming pool;
rays of sunlight glowing on the surface of the water.

Today, my eyes were seeing far beyond my physical senses,
taking me back to the days of my childhood;
the familiar sounds of walking among dry leaves;
pressing deep crimson red and
golden leaves between pages of my diary.

I remembered little boats
made of wooden Popsicle sticks.
They would float
then quickly sink away.

This season has a sense of melancholy for me.
A sort of retreating;
going inside for hot chocolate;
All cozy and warm,
rosy cheeks and sleepy heads.

In my big adult body,
with my childlike self,
I walked out onto the porch,
Jumped the three steps to the sidewalk.

Skipping on the lawn,
the little girl within me
took pleasure in the sound
of the withering leaves.

When I reached the heart shaped pool,
I sat on the edge,
looking at the reflection in the water.

What I saw …
was a happy blue eyed –
little girl…
smiling right back at me.
It was then
that I looked back toward the house.

Looking through the window, from inside,
I could see my big adult self watching me.

Hélène/Mother Willow©


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