Mixing the Pieces




Mixing the Pieces


There was a time
All felt like it was mine.

One day, it all fell apart.
It revealed to me, my own little part.

It ended up, I was only one piece
That fitted into this picture scheme.

Without all the parts,
Things would definitely fall apart.

Where would this lead us all?
Here and there, with nowhere to start –

Where to fit if we are lost in a box?

Hoping to find, a piece of the best
So we can all finally come to rest.


Hélène/Mother Willow©



2 thoughts on “Mixing the Pieces

  1. I love the sentiment of this, it is so important that we realize we are connected to all living things, one piece of the puzzle that is as essential as the next, and that we need to find our place and support those around us.

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