Crystal Ball

The Sunday Whirl (wordle-272)

Prompt words

busy/ class /velvet/ still /light/ curl/ oil/ drop/ silvery/ echoing/ bowl /jealous/

Crystal Ball

She accidentally dropped sizzling hot oil on her hands.
Instantly her skin began to curl and blister,
her screams echoing throughout the house.

Reaching for the bowl on the counter
she filled it with tepid water,
grabbed her black velvet cloth
covering her crystal ball.

Dipping her hand in the bowl
she covered it with the velvet
just in time to greet her client at the door.

Seated opposite her client
crystal ball in front of her
she audibly moaned and cursed
at the pain under the velvet.

Her client was assured this was a spell
she had made contact he thought.
Anxious now for the voice of departed ones
he waited while the cursing subsided.

Speaking slowly the voice told him:
“Keep yourself busy in class.
Someone is jealous of your accomplishments.
Be still, the light is with you.”

Overwhelmed with this message
he grabbed her velvet covered hand.
She screamed the most  fouled cursing
that brought tears to his eyes.

“Thank you” he said.
” You got in touch with my father.
Those cursing words are the exact ones he used
towards me all the time. You are an excellent

Satisfied, her client left. Closing the door behind her
she noticed a silvery charm on the table.
He had left no fee,
a charm instead.

Just then, the cursing that unfolded could be heard by her client on the street.
He began counting his blessings.
And so it was.

Hélène/Mother Willow


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