Six Sentence Stories: Fix


For: Six Sentence Stories –

cue of the week is:  FIX.

List of things to fix.

1- The door in the hall – it’s lower hinge has given up the ghost and needs a definite fix.
2- The window locks in the spare bedroom need tightening so they stay flat against the frame.
3- A clean up on the bathroom wall (close to the bath) is in dire need of a touch of color.
4- Kitchen and bathroom floors could use new suits, each with a complete new outfit.
5- Silly bed in spare bedroom is a nightmare, it needs refreshing with some new furnishing, bigger is better.
6- My art table has disappeared, either it has gotten lost…ummm… or perhaps trashed – (would appreciate a new one ) because I ponder on this message of no table and wonder if it means I don’t do art anymore….. or perhaps I can fix the guilty party in my very own fashion, whatever.

Sincerely yours,

In wait of a fix

Hélène/Mother Willow©



Comments appreciated

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