Unbashful Clown


For: Sunday Whirl

Word Prompt: – words in the photo above.

The clown’s entertainment in the park this afternoon was just a mimicking act of nonsense. When it comes to stupidity there should be a limit as to what people call entertainment. I would have drawn the line, flipped around on my heels and fade away beyond the stunned crowd.  Looking over the rim of his spectacles, looking for the reaction of his audience, left a few of us, including myself,  in a real spin over his un-bashful grin.

There was no end to this clown’s vulgar language.  It was clear  as daylight that children were in attendance. Parents would do well to insulate their children against such ridiculous  display in a public park.

Someone, (if I could, I would have), should kick that clown where the sun don’t shine, over the fence, landing right into the next state. As easy as that, all done in a flash of a second.

Well, I wasn’t there, and this did not happen, but I got all the words in for the prompt.  So happy Sunday until the clown comes to town.  Just know where to draw the line.

(mimic, park, kick, fade, insulate, flash, state, rim, spin, flip, line, limit)


Hélène/ Mother Willow©


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