On The Border Of

Daily Prompt:  Border

Her eyes were manic.

She looked like a lunatic.

She bordered on the edge of the cliff,

Ready to jump, she held herself very stiff.

If anyone approached the circle that she had drawn in front of her, she threatened to lift off the edge and fly like a bird.

“What concoction had she been consuming all afternoon”?, asked the police to her husband.  The husband was completely lost. His wife had never taken drugs, alcohol, medication or anything of the sort.

A few minutes passed when he remembered his lab specimen in the refrigerator.  He had forgotten to retrieve it before leaving for work that morning. The specimen looked precisely the same as the healthy non-alcoholic drink he mixes for them on warm summer days when they sunbathe by the pool.

Just when he was about to say something to the police, he saw his wife stretching her arms like a bird and jumping off the cliff. She glided for a few seconds then quickly disappeared from his sight.

And so ends the tragic story of lab specimens left in home refrigerators…

A little humour for the Daily Prompt:  Border

My imagination is what it is today ….weird…

Do I dare put my name to this:

Hélène Vaillant ©Short Stories



Comments appreciated

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