Sharp Endings


When we start
When we dance
Dance all night
Dance on stage
Stage the show
Stage your skit
Skit and skat
Skit finished
Finished in time
Finished encore
Encore clapping
Encore chorus
Chorus is loud
Chorus in parts
Parts in middle
Parts the crowd
Crowd gather around
Crowd will breakdown
Breakdown in street
Breakdown of building
Building sharp collapse
Building rumbled down
Down the stairs
Down to basement
Basement bargains
Basement flood
Flood in street
Flood in kitchen
Kitchen sharp smell
Kitchen knife fell
Fell down well
Fell on top
Top of head
Top of rock
House in disarray
House for sale
Sale on weekend
Sale of condo
Condo rental fee
Condo rear yard
Yard ends sharp
Yard runs deep
Deep green grass
Deep flower beds
Beds in window
Beds ends sharp

Hélène Vaillant ©( Blitz Poem – form type)

Poetry Prompts Day 5 – OctPoWriMo 2016  – Prompt word (Sharp)



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