Tender Little Doe


Tender Little Doe

There beneath the apple tree
Spread amongst buttercups and bumble bees
Tender little Doe
Looking to and fro
In the sun’s glow
Little legs awaken.

How does life come to be
When all has been carefully set free?

Opening radiance unto the morning Light
Tender little Doe rising to life
Offer to a Countryside’s embellishment.

Mystical Journey awaits the Noble One
Countless travellers marvel at His side
He will journey far and wide
To bring us all to the Core as He
Summon the Blessed gathering inside.

There within the circle, lying prostrate
Eternally recognizant
We enter into the Glory of His State
Where abundance and treasures
Collect in a mysterious adjournment.

When all is to be
Settling into Atonement
Where all people can be free.

Effortlessly standing at the threshold of Freedom
A naysay forever unheard
Neither a whisper
Nor a thought form.

People assembled in Consecration
Become the Essence of their True Form
Flowing on the ripples of the Great Sea
One is never asked to conform.

Discovering the Sacred flow of Perfect Form,
Blue Pearls adhere
On a firmament so dear
Blue silvery  hues
Shimmering on the Spirit so True.

Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry

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