New Land


(This was a story I invented for my 4 year old grandson.  He loved it when I made up stories for him.  I decided to write it down for him to have for when he grows up). Today he is 15 (2016).  (To be continued) if ever I get to it…..

The New Land

Once upon a time, in the “Land of the Dinosaurs” there was a girl who lived in a tree.   She moved around by grabbing on to the vines and swinging from one tree to the other. Even though, some of the Dinosaurs were taller than the trees, she had never been spotted by any of them.

One day, this girl was able to get the attention of a baby Dinosaur. He found her quite amusing, totally different than his own family of Dinosaurs. They became good friends. The Dinosaur promised her that he would always protect her in the “Land of the Dinosaurs”.

One day the baby Dinosaur gave the girl a ride on his back. It was very exciting for her since she had never been anywhere other than hiding up in the trees. They went all the way to the edge of a cliff, which apparently, was what the Dinosaurs claimed to be the end of the “Land of the Dinosaurs”.

She was amazed to see that more land existed way beyond what she had ever seen. She wondered if there were other Dinosaurs living there.

Many years later, when the Dinosaur had fully grown to adulthood, he spotted some strange creatures on his own Land. Hidden from view in her tree, the girl became aware of them too.  She felt excitement at seeing these little people walking below the trees. She noticed they looked very much like her. The only difference seemed to be in the color of their skin, theirs was light color and hers was dark.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, came several huge Dinosaurs snatching up the little creatures, opening their big mouths to eat them. The girl immediately ran to find her friend. She pleaded with him to tell his family to stop eating the little creatures.  Her friend disappointed her when he said that the little those were little people like her.  Apparently they were an enemy to his family.  They had to be destroyed.

The girl felt sad and confused.  She wondered how her friend could protect her from being spotted by Dinosaurs and not eaten too. It was the first time her friend Dinosaur had seen this enemy. He realized they looked exactly the same as his friend.  The promise to protect her haunted him.  The Dinosaur suggested he would bring his friend beyond the cliff to the land of these little people where she would be safe in their part of the land.

With a sad heart at leaving her friend she did get onto his back. They went slowly toward the cliff. Once there they took a long time to say goodbye to each other.  Then the Dinosaur leaped down into the little people’s land bringing his friend to a meadow, next to a running brook.  There they saw a few huts set up around a burning pit. The Dinosaur waited until his friend had climbed up a large tree before returning to the “Land of the Dinosaurs”.

In this tree the girl was well hidden. It was a safe spot to watch and observe the little people. This would be her new home.  She spent several days observing the people below.

One day, other strangers approached the huts.  Alarmed at this intrusion, the little people all started fighting and killing each other. She saw them killing other little people and stealing their food.  The girl was frightened then of being discovered and also killed.  She felt desperate realizing that this land was not any safer than the “Land of the Dinosaur”.  From then on she never adventured far from the top of her tree, always making sure she was well hidden and safe.

She was lonely and missed her friend the Dinosaur.  One day she travelled from branch to branch, from one tree to another, until she reached the bottom of the cliff.  Gazing up at the cliff she wished she could get up there and go see her friend.   Just then she spotted the head of a Dinosaur looking down the cliff. To her joyful surprise it was her friend!

The Dinosaur recognized his friend and immediately leaped down to greet her. In one swift movement he put her up on his back.  Both of them shared and talked about how sad they were at the way their own people were behaving.  They feared for their own lives should they be found to be friends.

They decided to leave together, to go beyond the lands that they had known, to go as far as they could, where they would be safe and always could be together.

After many days of travel they came upon a vast land with no Dinosaurs or little people there at all.  They saw rabbits munching on greens, deer prancing about, and fish jumping in a stream.  They decided this would be their new home.   They lived there together for many years.

(To be continued) if ever I get to it…..

Hélène Vaillant ©Stories for Children

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