Journey in the Meadow


Journey into the Meadow

Self constantly adjusting
It does not mean I am trusting
Though I sense and recognize the Star
That is guiding me so far
There remains a constant asking
Thus, I keep the door ajar.

My journey companions are free at my side
Though I challenge my own Self
For want of being left aside
Unbeknownst to me
We have all been taken inside.

The Pearls are bright
The Fox is light
The Amazon is clear
It leads us all near.

In the meadow we learn the verse
We call together, one sound,
The very first,
The Word of Glory,
Sound of Thirst
Satiated with the Sound
All is Golden when found.

The beat resounding and rebounds
Majestic Willow
keep us safe in the meadow.

Raptures of sweetest movement
the heart captures the moment
When the Willow opens its arms
embracing all life with radiating spark
we receive an abundance of all parts.

The sound is just, it is right
No other equal its flight
White Dove coo echo in the Meadow
mingling with the One Sound
Heal in the morrow.
Hélène Vaillant © – Poems


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