Uphill Beginning



In front of me

There lies a long uphill road 

A sandy earthy colored path

Ages of embedded footprints from

Enthusiastic travelers before me

Carpet of lush green grass

Alongside the path

Bright sunny day

Vast blue sky up above


With no hesitation in my movement,

Walking towards the uphill inviting road

There is a release of accomplishment

In the desire to travel uphill 

An opportunity for a great journey 


Who is to say that I would undergo this period of travel 

Unbeknownst to me

Even as I stand on the threshold of this journey 

An intelligent knowing within me signals that it knows

Why I am embarking on this very day


What volition propels me to climb? 

Effortless climb, pleasant beginning

I have answered its call 

I am going towards the climb 


It is but a beginning

In no way is it the end of the journey

I am being reminded that during the climb

There will be stones to carry

There will be slips and falls 


The only way now is forward and up

What more could I ask for 

What more will I ever need 


Answers a long ago forgotten question 

The journey has begun.


Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry


Comments appreciated

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