Touched by the Wind


Constant is the ebb of my heart
Enveloping all in tender sequence
Flowing dances in the Wind.

Reflections of sparkling hues
Flowing on the wave
Crystal water blue
Charging lives anew.

Golden Willow
Soon you will know
When your arms become bare
How precious your embrace
To those who seek in your care.

Carpet of Willow leaves
The end of a Season
Embedded footprints
Blue Fox, Silver Fox
Along the Majestic mighty banks of the Amazon.

The morrow is near
The climb not to fear
We are entering a joyous encounter.

Solitude is the breeze
Hear the chant of the swirls
Movement of air
With face turned upward
Notice our stare.

Touched by this life
Coming from all around
Oneness is abound
Prince Fox dancing into sight
Pristine White Dove
Returning from a Flight
Mourning Dove “coo”
To everyone’s delight.

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems



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