Garden of Wealth

My Journey

Garden of Wealth
Calling me with dire lead
I must take my leave
Go forward unto new ground.

Never would I have known
Undisguised tender shoots
The sprouts along this road
Delivering, mirroring their secret goal.

Remembering the road at my feet
One encountered many moons ago
Up upon a hill, far below where I stood,
A path
This seemed unattainable from my reach.

There, I found all the wealth of the day
Multiplied by each movement of self
Mingling with newness
Embracing the Fay with delight
Ah, Universe Herself.

What more could there be
The Stars, the Moon and Earth Compassionate
A blissful encountering moment
Of all there is, knowing it can all be set free.

Flying on the wings of change
Elated and brave in my Dominion
Will I fall?
Will I trade my new found space?

With many moons yet to come
Will I remember the secret goal?
How will I find my wings ……?

Hélène Vaillant © Poems


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