3LineTales: Going to the Big City

A photo by Steven Wei. unsplash.com/photos/g-AklIvI1aI

For a country girl, my first time visiting a large city, it was exhausting, frightening, a deafening adventure.

With a mass of humanity hurriedly brushing against me in every which way, “Excuse Me” was a never ending record.

After this close call with insanity I concluded that my pristine and quiet country environment would suit me fine if only I could find a bachelor who cares for cows as much as for me.

-Hélène Vaillant ©Short Stories

For:  Three Line Tales, Week 32

6 thoughts on “3LineTales: Going to the Big City

    • I wrote this imagining a young country girl….hehehehe. Now in my golden years, I do not enjoy going into the city core, and try to stay away. The other day I went with my husband to visit with out of town guests and we took a taxi, best way to travel, once in a blue moon. Expensive…sheesh, but kept my sanity intact. Thank you for your reply Frank


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