Melting Snowman

-Stories for Children

Melting Snowman

The snowman wanted to get on the trolley to meet Mary who was expecting him at the stoplight of Mosey and Carrie.

As soon as he got on that trolley, he realized that he was no longer shivering.  It had been a cold winter and the trolley ride was a warm welcome for a change.   When he walked to his seat everyone started sneezing and coughing until they blew his head off.  His head started rolling down the aisle before someone stopped it with their cane.

The conductor brought his trolley to a stop and rushed to see what had happened to the head. He took it in his hands but the cold white ball, with a carrot in its nose, was starting to run ice cold water down his sleeve making a mess of his shoes.

The Snowman was wondering why he could not see or hear anything. He started screaming but nothing could be heard. He stroked his body all over to see if he was all right. He tried to touch where his head ought to be. There was nothing there. He scared himself, resumed screaming but he could not hear any sound.

His feet were disappearing. He sensed it because he could no longer stand without leaning on a railing. He thought he had better sit down but he could not feel the seat under him. He pressed his hands to where his butt was supposed to be. It was no longer there.

By this time, the conductor went back to driving the trolley and the snowman had completely melted down leaving a huge puddle on the seat.  He had become completely invisible.

For a trolley ride in this town you usually paid as you disembarked rather than as you got on.  The snowman thought that he had done well in saving himself a fare since he did not seem to exist anymore.  He was worried, wondering
if Mary will know that he is there when the trolley  comes to the stoplight at the corner of Mosey and Carrie.

Hélène Vaillant ©Stories for Children

Daily Prompt: Shiver


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