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Daily Prompt: Miniature

What makes me smile?

What gives me visual and sensual pleasure?

Little things, little people, especially babies, humans and animals alike.
This miniature world of wonder and awe, the discovery of newness, playful childlike nature, rosy cheeks, bouncing steps, innocence radiating from their eyes, trusting fully.
Such is the miniature world preceding our grown up adult existence.

Yet, I have seen these same characteristics, those that live in the miniature world, demonstrated naturally with a fresh spontaneity through many adults. I marvel at their understanding of what life really is all about. Their sense of newness in every encountered moment.

Little children showing us by example, how to be, how to walk this path with lighter steps and dignity, they need us just as much as we need them.


Thank God For Little Children 
Poem by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Thank God for little children,
Bright flowers by earth’s wayside,
The dancing, joyous lifeboats
Upon life’s stormy tide.

Thank God for little children;
When our skies are cold and gray,
They come as sunshine to our hearts,
And charm our cares away.

I almost think the angels,
Who tend life’s garden fair,
Drop down the sweet wild blossoms
That bloom around us here.

It seems a breath of heaven
Round many a cradle lies,
And every little baby
Brings a message from the skies.

Dear mothers, guard these jewels.
As sacred offerings meet,
A wealth of household treasures
To lay at Jesus’ feet.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper


Lightning Thunder

three line tales, week 29 – purple lightning

photo by Breno Machado

Do you ever wonder what creation is the thunder, is it to make us ponder
on the magnificence of power?
Perhaps it is to catch us unaware when we are left too long to stare at what does not mean much in our search through the muck.
Thunder and lightning, they make us stop in our tracks, just enough time to sort out the facts.

Hélène Vaillant for: 3LineTales

Three Line Tales, Week Twenty-Nine

It is in the Eyes


It is in the Eyes

Mirrors all around me
Hiding from the strong glare
There in the dark, a little corner to hide
Bring me courage; truly seeing in the eyes.

What I see can only be me
This scary tormenting enemy
Keeps me looking nonetheless
Knowing that what I see can be set free.

Living in my head is not the way to be
It does not sanely guide me
It trips me to stare and, to retreat
Where I think I am safe, away from this feat.

My thirst is endlessly compromised
Leading me to water, yet never satisfied
Hoping water will finally refresh me
Only to find, it is never enough.

When my head takes retreat
Finding myself in defeat
My heart rejoices at this opportunity
I can be carefree while in company.

There amongst the clatter and escapes
Life can be beautiful, especially safe
When one knows how to see
Without losing grace, allowing me to be.

Mirrors all around me,
I cannot hide from myself
Nor can I run from what I see
If I am finally going to truly be.

Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry

Carry Me

Double Rainbow Hélène Vaillant ©.JPG balcony view

Carry me in Thy arms over the rainbow
Into the Heavens of peace and love
Carry us all beyond the Horizon
into the realm of God
into the embrace of Love.

Joining our hearts in this Mighty Spirit
May we be of one Mind,
One Source,
One Heart Beat.

May we make a difference,
Helping to carry those in need
Lighten their burden
bring them into their own Grace.

In the Ever Lasting Life we do know each other
We recognize our mirrors,
our own image,
our reflection
We are all One.

May we send our Light upon the Universe
to rejuvenate every being
so as to all be carried
within this Spirit of One.

Hélène Vaillant © Prayers




Do not hide

You have driven into the depths of despair
Lingering in the dark
Forgotten, bare and confused.

How can you not see the Light that shine about you
No matter the clime or the climb,
It takes you in offering protection from all around.

Embrace your trust,
Know that the enemy hides at every corner,
Yes they be,
If only to test you and make you smile.

You cannot be beaten,
Tormented and left aside
You are the driver of your own chariot
Bring out those spikes in your wheels
They are guardians against your enemy.

Better still,
Walk proud
Show your power
Be greater than your enemy.

Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry

Circle Dance

circle dance

On moonlight beams
Sisters dance with glee
Ripples of joy echo in the meadow
Laughter filled with sweet reminiscence.

Sisters are courted by their relative the Moon
Shining forth with rapture
Sending sparkles of light upon their feet
A blessing, charged with pure light
Love is real, brighter than the stars
They dance for the Moon.

Surrendering their hearts to the dance
Light carries their soul
Rhythm among dewy daisies
Entering into blissful sanctum
They merge as One dance, One spirit.


Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry

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