Daily Prompt: Miniature

What makes me smile?

What gives me visual and sensual pleasure?

Little things, little people, especially babies, humans and animals alike.
This miniature world of wonder and awe, the discovery of newness, playful childlike nature, rosy cheeks, bouncing steps, innocence radiating from their eyes, trusting fully.
Such is the miniature world preceding our grown up adult existence.

Yet, I have seen these same characteristics, those that live in the miniature world, demonstrated naturally with a fresh spontaneity through many adults. I marvel at their understanding of what life really is all about. Their sense of newness in every encountered moment.

Little children showing us by example, how to be, how to walk this path with lighter steps and dignity, they need us just as much as we need them.


Thank God For Little Children 
Poem by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Thank God for little children,
Bright flowers by earth’s wayside,
The dancing, joyous lifeboats
Upon life’s stormy tide.

Thank God for little children;
When our skies are cold and gray,
They come as sunshine to our hearts,
And charm our cares away.

I almost think the angels,
Who tend life’s garden fair,
Drop down the sweet wild blossoms
That bloom around us here.

It seems a breath of heaven
Round many a cradle lies,
And every little baby
Brings a message from the skies.

Dear mothers, guard these jewels.
As sacred offerings meet,
A wealth of household treasures
To lay at Jesus’ feet.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper



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