Lady of the Sea

mermaid on the sea Helene's Photo

Long before there were tourists
I kept an eye open for the ships
I swam alongside the whales and dolphins
Performing for me
Graceful, acrobatic tricks.
Those pleasant carefree moments
They are dormant, abandoned consciousness.
For today, strangers have adopted me
Positioned my likeness facing their land
My back turned away from my own dwelling.
I had no choice in the matter
They formed me with stone
This solid structure hardened my heart.
Though I am without breath
My spirit is alive
Knowing my playmates are forever at sea.
By day I view bizarre happenings
The strangers before me
Engage in odd activities.
Will they ever part with me
So I can reclaim my heart
And my spirit can be set free?

Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry

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