It is in the Eyes


It is in the Eyes

Mirrors all around me
Hiding from the strong glare
There in the dark, a little corner to hide
Bring me courage; truly seeing in the eyes.

What I see can only be me
This scary tormenting enemy
Keeps me looking nonetheless
Knowing that what I see can be set free.

Living in my head is not the way to be
It does not sanely guide me
It trips me to stare and, to retreat
Where I think I am safe, away from this feat.

My thirst is endlessly compromised
Leading me to water, yet never satisfied
Hoping water will finally refresh me
Only to find, it is never enough.

When my head takes retreat
Finding myself in defeat
My heart rejoices at this opportunity
I can be carefree while in company.

There amongst the clatter and escapes
Life can be beautiful, especially safe
When one knows how to see
Without losing grace, allowing me to be.

Mirrors all around me,
I cannot hide from myself
Nor can I run from what I see
If I am finally going to truly be.

Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry


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