Enchanted Dream (2)


Enchanted Dream

Carry me My Beloved to the threshold of dreams

Lie me down in the meadow of somber

There, in the midst of wonder, dreams are formed

Never has there been greater light than tonight

Shining on the path;
The light guides me

Bring me far;
I may need to be carried

My heart is ajar,
Anticipation to know the journey

It is forged in my soul;
my spirit laments its eerie shadow

Mistaken for pitfalls;
Not knowing when they are but a mere shelter

It is thus far that you have brought me

Last I dreamt we were sitting so near

Enclosed in the cocoon of your embrace

Without a trace of melancholy

With enchantment awakening me

Arise and walk unto another day

Light and bright with you in my heart

Nothing can divert me from the dream

In your embrace I can dream.

Hélène Vaillant © Poetry


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