The Awakening

Zen stones balance

Mirror, the reflection of what is

Never have I seen any other reflection

It comes fuzzy as well as timely clearer.”

Misty eyes may look in,

While the hard cold expression is denouncing the secret,

The secret lying beyond the façade of the hardened wall

Looking on at the misty eyes.

There is a way to the spirit

It has encountered several paths,

Apprehending the culprit that takes control of your legs

Makes you immobile on the spot.

It has found ways to overpass and annihilate the stones

Encumbering the travel to the surface.

The water is clear underneath.

Nearer to the surface can be seen the face of reasoning.

The pull of gravity,

brings the body heavily down under the surface.

Reasoning does have the upper hand.

Pressing the souls of the feet,

Sending the body upward.

Breaking through the surface of clear water.

Shaking water from the face,

Feeling ever so refreshed

Walking to the shore.

Feeling taller than before,

Standing straighter than ever,

With confidence in the heart,

Lightness in the feet.

The earth making way

Springing forth

New energy of awakening.

Hélène Vaillant © Poetry



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