The call of the Lark


The call of the Lark

The call of the Lark
In the Centre Garden Heart
Formally proclaiming
That Fox is awakening.

Brilliant Silver Blue
Along with his own Kin
In the midst of morning dew
Quenched thirst refreshed anew.

Glorious sunshine day
Arousing the Fay
Resting on the bed
In one’s Dragon Lair.

The breath of Life
Embedded in the air
Preparing the wings
Of all delighted Munch-kin.

Golden hue Willow
Excited on the return
A Fair Angel a reflection of pearly glow.

A Mother’s embrace
Overseeing in the meadow
The exclamation glee
Of all rising to be.

Dancing on the Song of Wind
Floating on clouds of Life
All is given to the Field
Clear Mirror ever so bright.

Arriving with the Self
Spirit, Heart and Body
To bathe in the Heartland
Gathering there is the assembled Clan.

There comes Mother Bear
With little ones in tow
Way up on tiptoe
Succulent berries in sunshine glow.

Glorious Day in the Heartland
Creation of the One
Bringing all to be
Just as it all should be.

All is one.

One Water
One Amazon.

One Heartland
One Clan.

One unison call of the Lark
One Fox Kin.

Dancing on the wind
One song
One Heartbeat
One in All.

…and so ends a regular morning in the Meadow

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems

Comments appreciated

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