Spirit Felt


I Am That I AM

I Am
I am the one looking in
There in the shadow is my Kin
How I adore the sparkle on the fire
When we all get together and matter.

Mine is but one little space
Surrounded by a mystical little face
Always looking in to see
What dwells deep within me.

The discovery of I Am
To be told and foretold
That all is as it is
If only we leave it without hold.

Outside of me
I am more than I could gather
Inside I am full
Overflowing with all I encounter.

In the silence of the day
In solitude of the evening
I Am
Night dawns into day
I Am
Day sleep into night
I Am
A week rolls into a month
I Am
Month become a year
I Am
Years become me
I Am
The years stretch long
I remain I Am.

I am the Pearl
I am who I am
I am tipsy with love of God
I am in awe at my swelling heart
I am joyful with this Presence
I am in the midst of being
I Am.

I am grateful to receive
Never ending abundance of Nature
In captivity of this Love
I am more than I can ever be
Until the morrow
The Presence carries me further
Reaching the Great I Am.

Mystical remembering
Moving at the speed of lightning
Carried into the I Am
Losing this self
Finding rest within Everlasting I AM.

Hélène Vaillant © Poems

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