I Am Life


I Am Life

I am neither this nor that
I am always and infinite
I am human and spirit
I am all that I can be
For I am me, ever more just me
I am what you think I am
I am what I think I am
All rolled up in me it ends up being just me.
I am neither blue nor black
I am like the sky, I am
I am that I am because I am
I am whether you know it or not, I am
I am life, I am movement
I am the dance upon the breath
I am the soul of the flute
I am in the meadow always in the flow.
I am today, and will be so tomorrow
I am before and will be there after
I am joyful for I am
I am today what I will be in the morrow
I am here, continuing to be
I am constant and ever more the same
I am changeless and eternity,
I am the soul, the spirit into one
I am the waters of life
The creation of breath I am
I am unique yet the same
I am one of the Units
I am prayer uplifted to the wind
I am the doer of action unto thee
I am the forgiving heart of past misery
I am the challenging word of my endurance
I am solace into my core
I am a space to be while keeping score
I am forever in my own self
Therefore I am unto me.
I am not a name neither am I identity
I am a formless, transparent me
As I am you can see through me
My reflection I am you and you are me.
I am just as you are you, I am me.
I am.

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems


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