Gathering in the Meadow


Truth upon the ebb of smoke
Delivering upon the wind
Clarity, unending poke
Igniting the spark of flame
To cozy circle at our fire tamed.

Gathering among the hues of the Sacred Meadow
Sending rainbow shimmering light upon our Mirrors
Night and Day are but One
At the fire gathering our Food
From the Sage, the New, the eternal Moon.

Blue Fox, color of inner sight
The Great Amazon reflecting this hue
Soothingly received within the inner gaze
Deliver the Pearls of our precious Cue.

Little Doe has grown into his Own
A new Season has called his Kin
Prepared for the harvest to sustain their Own
Elated with joy in savor of what is akin.
Hélène Vaillant © – Poems

Comments appreciated

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