Morning Dawn


In the still of the morning dawn,
Looking upon her vast Domain,
She hoped to find renewal in the Hopeful Land.

Separating from her Roots,
Descending into this simple Existence
Ages ago, she came to the Land.

Her Constant Companion by her side,
A Guardian of White Light
Together, they truly discovered
The Art of being as One.

It may seem surreal to the naked eye,
While deep within the Magnificent Eye,
The metamorphosis is unfolding.

They are but one Eye, one Breath,
As they exchange Energy in the language of Spirit.
The speed of their Flight
Is a gentle Mist
The Tiniest drops of amazing Light.

This will be a good day in the Hopeful Land.
An Omen of Bounty and Plenty
Is presenting a new fresh morning
One embedded with Love and graceful light.

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems

Comments appreciated

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