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Daily Prompt: Vice

Warning:  this is not the best of me….I just felt a bit naughty today….is it the moon you think?…hahaha.


“Ouch! you are hurting me.” shouted the young girl.
“Hold still!! You are making it worse by squinting.” was the swift reply.

“You are hurting me!”this time with a much higher pitch in her voice.

“If you don’t hold still, it is going to hurt you far more. Now, don’t move and let me do this”.

The girl became quiet and endured for what seemed forever and ever.

When the lady with the tweezers finally got the last eyebrow hair extracted and began applying soothing lotion, the girl exhaled with a big sigh of relief.

“Um.” answered the tweezer lady.

And so….it starts young nowadays, the beauty of a woman.




Healing Prayer

May your heart be at peace
May you find solace in the depth of your spirit
Know that all that you are
All that you can be
All that there is
Resides deep within the core of your being.

Love surrounds you
Love embraces you
Love cherishes you as most beloved of human beings
Love heals you
Love cleanses your psyche
Allow this to enter the deepest of your consciousness
Love is clearing out the cobwebs
Purest love and most radiant.

Let there be light forever shining within you
Guiding you, relieving you of all pain and sadness
May you be refreshed with a shower of radiating healing light

Hélène Vaillant ©Prayers


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