Paul and George


Paul and George

Paul was riding his four-wheeler with George standing on his back ramp. Even though George was tiny and didn’t weigh more than forty-some pounds, Paul had his tongue out and his legs going like a windmill on a blustery day.

They both ended up in the sandbox, Paul face down in the sand with the bicycle and George on top of him. Paul had sand in his nostrils and began to sneeze. That was enough for George to get off Paul and up on his feet.

A bit shaky and stunned from this abrupt end to their ride, they both simultaneously looked at each other, asking with their eyes, “What shall we do now?”

Paul had a mischievous look in his eyes. Without a word, he started walking towards the garage. With George right there on his heels, Paul opened the squeaky garage door, peeked inside and gave George the ok nod to step right in.

Paul knew exactly where he was going. He removed a blanket that was covering a big old chest, went to fetch the key in the shoe by the lawnmower and opened the chest.

George’s eyes were bulging by now. He had no clue as to what was in the chest.

Without any warning, a huge jack-in-the-box sprang up from inside smacking George right on the nose. He backed off letting out a yell that you could hear all the way down the front of the house and right into the street.

Paul explained that when his grandfather had been a little boy this had been his favorite toy. He told George that he no longer could see his grandfather because he had gone to Heaven. Every now and then, when he thought about his grandfather, he came into the garage to play with the jack-in-the-box and that brought his grandfather closer to him.

On this day, the good old jack-in-the-box had given them both the warmth of friendship.

Hélène Vaillant © Stories for Children

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