Little Fairy

Once upon a time I dreamt I was a Fairy. Life was full of sparkles and charm. Nothing lacked in my world. My wishes would manifest instantly.

In my dream I met some interesting little friends. Some were furry and all white. Those were the ones I played with most often. My dream seemed to last forever.

I grew up and learned how to harness sparkling energy from the atmosphere.My furry friends were always intrigued when I demonstrated this skill.While I dreamt, I knew I was dreaming. I wished it would last a very long, long time. Too soon I heard the sound of a car horn. Then I knew my dream was gone.

I spent the day thinking of the fairy land of my dream. Are dreams real I asked myself? Could it be that I had actually lived through the dream and been a Fairy for a short time? To suit myself I concluded that dreams were real.

If I wanted to be a Fairy I could very well be one right now, at this very moment.
I could actually be whatever I wanted to be right now.

Hélène Vaillant ©  Stories for Children

Comments appreciated

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