Fairy Dear

flower fairy

Fairy Dear

Fair Lady, awakening from the core of a flower dear
Lending to nature, her gentle touch and caring tear
The pond has never witnessed such a lovely Fae
In rapture of her presence, nature gently sway
Beauty to behold reflects on the pond
She is Protector
She is Guardian
She comes forth from within
Deep source of infinity

Hélène ©willowpoetry


My Shadow


My Shadow

The earth sings
Yet I cannot hear

With heavy heart
Dark clouds engulf me
Alone in the dark,
I wait
Drowning in sorrow
Self pity, abandonment,
Unexpected changes

Two cement feet
To lead me on

Clouds hang low
Closing in around me
Obscuring my view

With my shadow
Its face
Mirroring pain
With oceans of tears

Shadow sits there
Staring at me

Wanting to escape
I start crawling up
The slippery ground
Streams of tears
Gurgle in my path
Sliding and slipping
This, a formidable climb

Clouds disperse
Showing the edge
Over the top I leap

My shadow has followed me
Exhausted, I surrender

Hélène ©willowpoetry

In Solitude

images wallpaper trees

Photo: Free Wallpaper (OgNature.com)

In Solitude

Majestic trees,
Bowing to one another,
Capturing the moment
To bless the day;
Leading into Infinity,
A path, illuminated with grace
Waiting there is Spirit;
Deep solitude
Sings a welcome,
Grounded to Mother Earth
Recharged to the core
Colors speak to me;
Spectrum of orange, gold,
Life pulsing,
A white light,
Life Within
With hues of gold;
In the far distance,
A Being of Light,
Watching me;
I am the witness,
Walking forward
Into her embrace;
I have arrived
Realm of inner vision!
Doubt looks behind me,
Do I enter the Light?
Observe from afar?
At this threshold
I do have choices
Hélène ©willowpoetry


I had a Dream


Written for:  Thursday Photo Prompt

I had a dream

Mom on the stairs
Her knowing smile
Beaming at me.
A gentle touch of
Her hand into mine
Beckons me
Leading me to the surface
Beyond darkness.

Gazing around me
She is gone
Dark stairwell vanishing
Into the Dawn.

Awakened by jubilant song
T’is my own voice belting out:
“Oh happy day!”
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Hélène ©willowpoetry