Mother’s Womb

Written for:  What do you See?


Photo Prompt – What do you See? Challenge


Mother’s Womb

At the break of day, she displays her charm
Newborn blossoms adorning her head
Endearing fragrant quality
Unveiling all her disguise
Flawless Royal Empress

Seeing a likeness of the Creator
Golden daylight warms her fervent womb
Spirit gently enters her field
Giving rise to fertile seed
Blessings for Mother Earth

©Hélène Vaillant

Stray Kitten


My family once had two white cats.  They chased after each other through the house, sliding on the wooden floors, banging into doors and continue on.

One day, with the two children in the car, we went to the country to see the trees in their Autumn colours.  One of the children called from the back seat that a kitten was there in the trees.  We stopped the car.  It was a blue-eyed white kitten, infested with fleas, worms, with eye and ear infections.  A kitten, probably 2 or 3 weeks old.  We brought her to the vet, got her shots, prescriptions and so on.  We got her clean and healthy again.  On her next visit to the vet, he told us that she was blind and deaf.

Now we had three white cats running through the house, and two kids running after the cats through the house.  Those were the days, long ago now.

The following poem has nothing to do with my story.  When I wrote the poem for the prompt I thought back to the time when we found our little white cat.

Written for V.J. Prompt: Character

Characteristically, she offers
caring to the blue-eyed stray kitten
fashioning space in her backpack
hiking down the mountain trail
soft purring lifts her step
mother and kittens
ahead on trail
purring friend
given to

©Hélène Vaillan


What do you See? Nov/13/2018

What do you See?  Tuesday – Nov/13/2018 –

Weekly challenge

Reply with a poem, Haiku, Tanka, Short story, Haiga, Renga, Etheree, etc.
whatever represent what you see, feel within you, about this week’s photo prompt.

Write your post on your “own blog” linking back to this post with a Pingback. Or you can copy the URL of your post in the comment section.

This week’s prompt:


Have a good week.  I look forward to your writing creations.

Hélène  flower




What do you See? Roundup (Nov/6/2018

Thank you to everyone for a splendid week of “remembrance” (prompt) poetry.

Did you notice the resemblance of a heart-shaped green space amongst the flowers?


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